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What can the Internet do for Businesses?

The usefulness of the Internet depends directly on the products or services of each business. There are different benefits depending upon the type of the business, whether a supplier, a distributor or a retailer.

Creating a Client Base
Finding new clients and new client bases is not always an easy task. It involves a careful market analysis, product marketing and consumer base testing. The Internet is a ready base of several million people from all walks of life. You can easily find new clients or customers from this massive group given that your presence on the Internet is known.

Product Analysis
Many users also do product analyses and comparisons and report their findings on the Internet. Very often, you can find at least one other person who may be familiar with a product you are currently testing or about to purchase. You can get first hand reports on the functionality of such products before spending a good sum. 
Market Analysis
The large base of Internet users is a prime area for the distribution of surveys for an analysis of the market for a new product or service idea. These surveys can reach a great many people with little effort on the part of the surveyors. Once a product is already marketed, you can examine the level of satisfaction that users have received from the product.
Expert Advice and Help
Beyond product analysis, there are also a great many experts on the Internet who make their presence widely known and easily accessible. Very often you can get free advice and help with problems you might have from the same people who are paid highly for their consulting services to large organizations, and magazines and other periodicals.
Wide Scale Information Dissemination
You can place documents on computers on the Internet and make them instantly accessible to millions of users. The popularity of access of the information is only limited by public awareness of its accessibility, and content. Hypertext documents provide an effective method to present information to subscribers or the general populace. Creating World Wide Web documents and registering your site with larger Web sites improves the availability of the documents to a client base larger than the circulation of many major newspapers.
Rapid Communications
Electronic Mail has proved to be an effective solution to the problem of telephone tag. Contacting others through email has provided a new method of communication which has both the speed of telephone conversations and still provides the semi-permanence of postal mail. Email can be sent from just about anywhere where there is an Internet service or access so businessmen or travelers on the go can keep in touch with up to the minute details of the office or site.
Cost-effective Document Transfer
Transferring on-line documents through the Internet takes a very short period of time and this saves a lot of money over postal or courier services which can also suffer late deliveries, loss or damage. If a document transfer fails on the Internet, you can always try again since the cost of the transfer is the same. Most, if not all, Internet access providers do not charge by the raw number of bytes transferred across their link unlike other commercial information services.
Peer Communications
Researchers and Business Executives alike have attested to the fact that a lot of their communications over the Internet are with others in their line of research or field of work. Communicating with peers allows people to share their ideas, problems and solutions amongst themselves. Quite often people find that others in their field have already tackled problems similar to their own. They can then get advice on their own situations and create a solution based upon this shared knowledge.
New Business Opportunities
Many entrepreneurs are continuously on the look-out for new and innovative ideas as viable commercial ventures. Users on the Internet are constantly coming out with such new ideas not only because of the research traditions of the Internet but also because of the cooperative atmosphere that surrounds the Internet.


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